Established 1980

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A golf fanatic, a student of this grandest of games, a lover of all things golf! Tom has participated in organizing and reaping the benefits of golf all over the lower mainland. Born in Vancouver, raised his family in Ladner, moved to Tsawwassen with his wife Debbie. Tom has read countless instructional books on golf, some have even helped! He once read a book on anti-gravity, but had a hard time putting it down! He looks forward to meeting and welcoming the returning and new members of the ‘Original and still the best men’s golf club’. His interactions with patrons at his second home, the driving range and putting green, will continue to be a platform to spread the good news about TMGC.

President - Andrew Connaris

Treasurer - Terry Parchewsky

Captain - Vern Novack

After Vern’s retirement in 2009 he joined the Tsawwassen Men’s Golf Club and became a member of the executive in 2011. During Vern’s career path, golf was always part of his leisure time. He organized many major golf tournaments for Canron, the Vancouver Electric Club and the B.C. Electrical Association to name a few. Vern has also been a club fitter for 27 years, but now has scaled down to only repairs and re gripping for friends. Taking on the responsibility of Match Chairman for the Men’s Club, has become quite a challenge, in the past, but look for greater improvements, from Vern in the coming years.

The Original And Still The Best

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Andrew only started playing golf in 2002 and after two years of frustration (for the golf pro that is) in 2004 decided to impose his amateur golf prowess on the Tsawwassen Mens Golf Club. In 2009 as a clever move to reduce his time on the golf course, the Executive conscripted him as Match Chairman and kept him busy in that role until he handed the Chair over to Vern Novack in 2011. He was elected to Captain for the 2016/2017 season and was elected President for the 2018 season where he and the other Executives will work to make the club even more popular in the coming years. 

Rules & Social Chairman - Tom Carr